Here in the East Bay, there are more than enough classes, providers, and programs to go around. Here are a just a few to get you started


Then Comes Baby


Loving Arms Childbirth Services

Lactation Support

East Bay Lactation Associates

Then Comes Baby

La Leche League


Dr. Ayelet Krieger

Melissa Whippo

Suzannah Neufeld

Ariella Cook-Shonkoff

Susan La Croix


Rachel Alkire

Traci Moren

Sage Staggs

Postpartum Doulas


Birth Providers

Morgan West

Pacifica Family Maternity Center

Golden Oak Midwives

Physical Therapists (including pelvic floor PTs)

Back to Life PT

Pelvic Pain Rehab

Body Temple PT

“Mothers don’t breastfeed, babies breastfeed.  Babies know how if we let them” -Nils Bergma